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Empower you to be a "Licensed Parent" in just 9 weeks!

This is a 100% online training. Once you enrolled, you can start your learning straight away!

Enrol now and start your learning journey today!

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What Do I Teach?

PositKids™ Positive Parenting Training is a 100% online programme, integrates Positive Psychology, Child Development, Child Psychology, and Parenting Skills for harmony parent-child relationship, enhance socially acceptable behaviours, strengthen psychological quality and emotional intelligence, and nurture resilience.

PositKids™ is now being recognised by CPD UK. You will be rewarded a 30-hour CPD certificate upon completion of this online training!

Child Behaviours


Practical parenting tools that facilitate more compliance behaviours! Parents will be able to understand the causes of behaviours!

Psychological Quality


Building up self-esteem and confidence, and also enhance happiness level.

Emotional intelligence


Ways to enhance child's emotional intelligence and coping with common emotional issues.



Free online consultation by Chartered Psychologist for 6 months!

Programme Structure

Lesson 1: Child Development & Psychological Needs (Theory)

Lesson 2: Building Self-esteem & Confidence (Practical)

Lesson 3: Emotional Intelligence (Practical)

Lesson 4: Parenting Style (Theory)

Lesson 5: Positive Mental Quality and Wellbeing (Practical)

Lesson 6: Behavioural Analysis and Improvement (Theory)

Lesson 7: Reward and Punishment (Theory & Practical)

Lesson 8: Shaping Theory & Application (Theory & Practical)
Lesson 9: Parenting Techniques: Applications and common Errors (Practical)

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